Our Mission

Our mission is to help you stay healthy. To do this, we strive to provide regular preventative health care in a friendly, practical manner. If you become ill, we try to provide timely, appropriate treatment to help you regain your health. If this includes hospitalization, Dr. Heller-Bair has privileges at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet.

We attempt to explain any disease process you might have in as simple terms as possible, and encourage you to keep asking questions until you thoroughly understand the explanation. We also have access to two different data bases for pre-printed information on many disease processes.

We do not bias our treatment due to any personal characteristics of our patients. We may need to tailor treatment regimens to the limits of your insurance coverage. For example, if your insurance requires that you fail one medication before covering another, we will try the recommended treatment first. However, if that does not work, we will be your advocate with the insurance company for a treatment that does work. Medicine is more of a scientific art than an exact science, so there are usually multiple ways to get to the same end result of restored health and function.

As with most providers, we hope our patients follow our advice. However, if you don’t, we will never hold that against you. We all have reasons for what we do, some of which we cannot put into words, or even be aware of. Our job is to give you the best advice or treatment I can with the information available to me at that point in time. At another time, the information may be different, something new may have been learned by us or you, and the advice or treatment we give may be different.